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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

twitch diary 20 apr good to raise awareness

I'm having a nice time raising awareness by talking about MS on stream when it becomes apparent that I'm having some cognitive issues or trouble with saying words, especially in the night

but it's really nice to have a conversation with someone in almost realtime where I can switch them off if I start to lose my shit..

talking of shit and F .. I have to start reducing the amount of swearing, it's not something that I become aware that I'm doing but people that watch on twitch aren't as used to swearing as say perhaps, you are after seeing me do it all the time!

diaries are good to let it out because once you say something out loud, it loses the importance and you realise that you're being silly or you can't pinpoint it and the annoyance you had dissipates..

and yey to storeblaa who got a thing done on stream today and a big up to twitch.tv/AvatarAvenger for giving me some tips on The Legend of Korra game which really helped me out and made the game loads more fun for me!

have a great day!! it's lovely here, even Sans Chemise weather :)

19 apr my first raid and FMG!

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